Invest in ESG-Focused Companies

Stand behind companies with strong ESG Practices

Why Invest in ESG?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is much more than just a responsibility. It's a path towards more sustainable company growth and a crucial differentiator for investors.

Performance Driven

ESG investments may deliver outperformance (especially during down markets)


Accurate and periodic reporting is done on the Kapital DX platform, available to all investors.

Stronger Portfolios

Investors can manage portfolio risks with strong governance and ethical companies.

Invest towards influencing positive changes for a sustainable future

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    Kapital DX strives to help you achieve your ESG investing goals

    Facilitating Lifecycle Management

    Kapital DX is fully equipped to carry out the lifecycle management of sustainable projects

    Access to World Class ESG Partners

    With our pipeline of world class ESG experts, Kapital DX aims to offer products of the highest quality to investors

    Innovative Product Curation

    Kapital DX works closely with our ESG partners to curate innovative sustainable products whilst meeting the UN SDGs

    Raise capital to fund projects related to ESG objectives

    Let’s discuss how we can help you raise funds.

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